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Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1973, Nove Mesto na Morave.
Studies: 1987-90 Secondary Technical School of Electronics, Brno, 1990-96 Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at , Brno University of Technology, specialization: electronics and communication engineering, 1996 - 1999, Department of Electrical Power Engineering FEI VUT - postgraduate doctoral study.

Under supervision of Assoc. Prof. Ing. Jiri Plch, PhD., the proposer specialized in the field of lighting and illumination technology. The study included not only work on the actual dissertation topic but also activities related to lighting technology in a broader extent. In the scope of his doctoral study he studied the problems of the evaluation of disturbing glare in interior lighting conditions. In March 2000, he completed his doctoral studies by defending the dissertation with the topic Luminance distribution analysis using digital photography. The dissertation was ranked 1st in the CEZ, a.s. prize 2000 competition, in the category of doctoral theses for the field Use of electrical energy.

In the illumination technology, he performed experimental measurements of operational electrical properties of light sources, measurements of light-technical parameters of lighting devices and co-operated with a number of companies in this field. During his studies he actively participated in scientific activities, published and personally presented lighting technology-related contributions at scientific conferences. The proposer continues his scientific and publishing activities also at the Department of Electrical Power Engineering, where he, as a lecturer, guarantees and organizes instruction in courses related to lighting technology, computer modeling and simulation and currently also information and control systems in power engineering.

He authored several course materials in printed as well as in electronic form. As a diploma or bachelor theses supervisor he has supervised 46 undergraduate students since 2000. He has been appointed a doctoral advisor and supervises one doctoral thesis at present. He is regularly appointed a member of the examination board for state final examinations in the master and bachelor study programs.

He is applicant of postdoctoral grant Digital photography in a new system of evaluation of lighting systems., where applied knoweledge from lighting technology, computational technology and digital photography. As a applicant together with participants from VSB - Technical university of Ostrava solved grant named Realisation of expert systems for visual strenuous workplaces, dealing with problems of artificial intelligence in this field in the design and evaluation of lighting systems. In 2006 as a applicant realized FRVS project named Innovation of the light laboratory, No. IS-486. In 2009 he solves next FRVS project: Innovation of laboratory lessons with lighting systems problems.

In 2008 he defended his habilitation work named Knowledge Oriented Technologies and Their Utilization in Lighting Technology and in 2009 he was appointed associate professor.

Apart from lighting and illumination technology he studies electronics and electronic circuits, the use of single chip microcomputers, industrial control systems, digital measurement instrumentation and computers, in theory as well as in practice. He studies software analysis and is the author of several computer programs in the field of digital photography processing, information systems and measurement systems. In the scope of his research work he created the prototype of LumiDISP computer program that demonstrates the possibilities of the use of digital photography in luminance analysis.

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